phpList Education Channel

phpList is the powerful all-in-one open source mailing list solution. Whether you’re sending out marketing emails or updating your blog subscribers of new content, you never want to send mass emails from your every day business email accounts. phpList is free to use and configure on your PHP hosting plan and will make sure that you avoid costly email delays. Never miss an important marketing opportunity again.

Getting Started with phpList

When first starting out with phpList, you have a choice of installation options. The easiest installation can be achieved with a one-click Softaculous install. Then we’ll show you how to log into your dashboard and complete the setup process.

Advanced phpList Tutorials

Once you’re comfortable with the phpList admin section you can start to configure advanced options and prepare your first email blast. phpList works by giving you full control over your list, being able to export your list when needed, and setting the necessary email parameters that are best for you server. In the articles below, you’ll learn how to rate-limit email blasts, handle bounced emails reported in the system (including bounces from Gmail), as well as how to create a subscription form and send test messages. Everything you need to know about phpList is contained in these tutorials, and more will be added in the future.

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