How to send a message to your phpList mailing list

If you’ve been following along in our tutorial series, we have already installed phpList, created a mailing list, and created a way for users to subscribe to our mailing list. At this time, we now want to send a message to our mailing list!

To send a message to your mailing list:

  1. Log into your phpList admin page
  2. Click “send a message” in the right sidebar
  3. Under the “Content Tab”, fill in the details of your new message. Here is our example below:
  4. Click “Save Changes”.
  5. Click the “Lists” tab.
  6. You are now viewing a page that displays all of your mailing lists. Select the mailing lists that you want to send the message to, and then click, “Send Message to the Selected Mailing Lists”
  7. The next page will show a confirmation that your new message has been added to the message queue. Click “process the message queue” to actually send out your message.
  8. When your messages are being sent you, phpList will print data to the screen showing information such as how many emails it has sent out and how long it took:

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