Disable browser resize in phpList

In this article I’m going to show you how to disable the browser resize feature that is enabled by default in phpList.

When you are working in phpList, anytime that you resize your web-browser window, it causes phpList to totally refresh the screen. This unfortunately causes any data that you had typed on that particular page to disappear.

Modify phpList file to disable browser resize

I’d recommend taking a look at our guide on how do I edit a file on my server if you are unsure how to navigate to and edit a file on the server.

The following file needs to be modified:


Look for this block of code:

// Handle Navigator 4 window resizing
if (is_nav4up) {
var initWidth, initHeight;
initWidth = window.innerWidth;
initHeight = window.innerHeight;
window.onresize = handleResize; }

Now simply comment all of that out by placing // in front of each line:

// Handle Navigator 4 window resizing
//if (is_nav4up) {
//var initWidth, initHeight;
//initWidth = window.innerWidth;
//initHeight = window.innerHeight;
//window.onresize = handleResize; }

Then just save the file, and try to load up your phpList site again.

You should now understand how to stop phpList from resizing your web-browser window.

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