How to retrieve my phpList admin password

In this article we’ll discuss how you can retrieve your phpList admin password, in case you’ve forgotten it, and now can’t login to your phpList admin dashboard.

Forgot phpList admin password?

Follow these steps to have your current phpList admin password e-mailed to you.

  1. Access your phpList admin dashboard from your web-browser, for our example this would be:
  2. In the text-box beside Forgot Password?: Enter your email: Enter in your email account of your phpList admin user, then click Send Password

    The phpList admin page should refresh with the message:

    Your password has been sent by email

  3. Check your email that you entered in, you should simply receive a message that states:Your password is [email protected]@$$w0rd

You should now have your current phpList admin password. Go ahead and attempt to login to your phpList admin dashboard again.

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