Sending a test message in phpList

In this article we’ll go over how you can send a test message with phpList. This will help ensure that your phpList installation is properly functioning, and show that it’s able to send mail successfully.

Before sending a test message to a particular email account, that email account must be first added as a user in phpList.

  1. Login to your phpList admin dashboard.
  2. click on send a message

    From the right-hand menu, click on send a message.

  3. fill out details for sending a test message

    Fill out the information for your test message, we’ve used the following:

    Subject phpList test mail
    From Line TestMailer
    Message This is our first test message with phpList!
    to email address(es)

    Then click on Send Test Message

    The page should refresh, and then at the top it will display the following:

    Message saved

    Sent test mail to:

  4. test message received

    You should now be able to check the email account where you sent the test message, and see what you sent.

You should now have successfully sent off a test message from phpList! Now that you know phpList is properly functioning and able to send mail, you can begin sending out to your mailing lists with confidence that your users with get those messages.

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