How to edit and delete DokuWiki pages

Editing pages in DokuWiki is a basic process of creating a wiki. Users visiting the site have the ability to edit pages by default. In some cases, users can edit or delete a page by accident. other times, a malicious use my deface a page. Pages created in Dokuwiki are stored as revisions. These can be restored at a later date if necessary. This article will explain how to edit, delete, and restore pages in DokuWiki.

Editing DokuWiki pages

Editing pages is the basic necessary function of any wiki. The following section will explain how to edit pages in DokuWiki.

How to edit a page

  1. Log into DokuWiki
  2. edit-page-dokuwiki-1-dokuwiki

    Navigate to the page you want to edit. Select the Pencil icon in the right menu and click Edit this page.

  3. edit-page-dokuwiki-2-dokuwiki

    Add the Header, content and a signature to the page.

    Click Save.

Deleting and restoring pages

When users add pages that are not needed or are filled with content that is offensive, the page can be removed from the site by deleting the content from the article and saving it. When deleting a page, its not terribly critical if you delete it by mistake because the page is actually not deleted. The page is actually removed from the site and still available for restore. This section will explain how to delete or remove a page from your DokuWiki site.

How to delete a page

The following will explain the steps for deleting a page from your wiki.

  1. Log into DokuWiki
  2. delete-pages-dokuwiki-1-dokuwiki

    Find the page you want to delete. In this case, the page “Playground” is being deleted.

  3. Click the Edit (Pencil) in the menu on the right.
  4. delete-pages-dokuwiki-2-remove-text-dokuwiki

    Delete the contents of the page so that there is no text in the text area. Click Save.

    Now the page was removed from the Wiki.

How to restore a page

Pages that were deleted or revised can be restored to a previous version easily in DokuWiki. Pages that were deleted by malicious users or defaced by vandals can be restored to a previous version to prevent loss of your data. The following steps will explain how to restore a page from a previous revision.

  1. Log into DokuWiki
  2. restore-deleted-page-dokuwiki-1-search-dokuwiki

    Search for the page that was deleted. In this case, the page “Restore deleted page” is being restored.

  3. restore-deleted-page-dokuwiki-2-old-revisions

    The Search results should show “Nothing was found.

    In the menu on the left, click the “clock” icon and click Old revisions.

  4. restore-deleted-page-dokuwiki-3-select-version

    Click the name of the page to load the content of that page. You can select from different revision dates.

    This can be used to restore previous versions as well.

  5. restore-deleted-page-dokuwiki-4-edit-dokuwiki

    Click the Edit this page (the Pencil) in the menu on the right.

    Click Save to restore the content to the specific revision date. Now you can see the page in your wiki again as it was prior to it being deleted.

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