How to insert images into a DokuWIki page

After learning about how to create and edit pages in DokuWiki, it is common to want to add images to the site content. The following steps will explain how to insert an image into a DokuWiki page.

Inserting an image in DokuWiki

  1. Log into DokuWiki.
  2. Navigate to the page you want to insert an image into and click Edit this page.
  3. Click to add image DokuWiki

    Place your cursor where you want to insert your image in the code and click the “Add images and other files” link.

  4. Select your image from your computer DokuWiki

    From the media files box, click Select files.

    Browse through your files to find the image you want to upload and select it.

    Click Upload.

  5. Upload the image to the server DokuWiki

    When uploading images, they will be stored on the server. You should see your uploaded image in the image list on the server.

    Select the image.

  6. Insert the image to the page DokuWiki

    In the Link settings, select the link target, alignment, and image size.

    Click insert.

    Code view of the image DokuWiki

    The code will be inserted similar to the snapshot to the right.

    Final preview with image, DokuWiki

    Save the page. Your image will now display in the page similar to the image on the right.

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