Adding the S5 Presentation slide show plugin to DokuWiki

One way you can make your DokuWiki friendly for business education is to allow your pages to have a slide show presentation built into them. DokuWiki can be used as a business tool for giving slide show presentations using the “S5 Presentations” plugin. This is similar to looking at a Power Point presentation in Microsoft Power Point. The bellow steps will teach you how to add a slide show presentation to your DokuWiki pages using the “S5 Presentations” plugin.

Setting up the Slide show S5 Presentations plugin

  1. Download the plugin url DokuWiki

    Get the URL for the plugin from the following site URL:

    The URL should look like the following unless an updated version is out.

  2. Log into DokuWiki.
  3. listed in the plugins DokuWiki

    Install the plugin in the “Manage Plugin” section of your DokuWiki admin.

    If successfully installed, you should see the plugin listed in the “Installed Plugins” of your Plugin Manager.

  4. Configuration settings DokuWiki

    Go to the Admin link at the top right and select the “Configuration Settings” link in the Administration section.

  5. Plugin Settings DokuWiki

    Under the S5 Plugin Settings. Make sure your theme is selected in the “The template to use for the slide shows” drop box.

    If you change the theme click Save at the bottom of the page.

  6. Slideshow code DokuWiki

    To get a page to show the slide show presentation, you will need to add the following code to the top of your page. Edit the page you want to be a slide show presentation.


    Important! To create the slide show pages, make sub sections within the page. The first headline should be an H1 headline. Additional slides are created by using the H2 headline. The horizontal rule ends the current slide and puts the content into a“Handout” page. (For print only). In the snapshot to ther right the headers are set for each page.

    Save the page.

  7. View the slideshow icon DokuWiki

    Now there will be an icon to the top of the page that says “View page as slide show” when you hover your mouse over it.

    Click the Slide show icon.

    View of slideshow prsentation s5 plugin DokuWiki

    Now your webpage will display similar to a Power point presentation. Each of the header sections will display as a different page in the slide show.

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