Installing plugins in DokuWiki

When working with DokuWiki there arises many instances where you will need to install a plugin. Plugins give functionality to your site that the default installation does not have available. DokuWiki has an relatively easy way to install plugins through the administrators dashboard. Below are the steps to install a plugin in DokuWiki.

Steps to install a plugin in DokuWiki

  1. Click admin link DokuWiki

    Log into DokuWiki.

    Click Admin at the top right of your DokuWiki.

  2. Manage Plugins DokuWiki

    Select the Manage Plugins in the list of Administration tasks.

  3. Download plugin DokuWiki

    You will see the plugin management section. You will need to place the URL for the plugin in the “Download and install a new plugin” URL box.

    Get the URL for plugin DokuWiki

    Go to the plugin site and get the URL for the plugin. An Example of a plugin URL looks like the following: 
  4. Paste teh URL in plugins DokuWiki

    Paste the URL for the plugin in the “Download and install a new plugin” URL box.

    Click Download.

  5. Successful installed plugin DokuWiki

    If the URL is correct you will get a “Plugin package . . . successfully installed” confirmation.

    Failed install of plugin DokuWiki

    A URL that does not access the plugin for download, you will get an “Unable to download the plugin file” error in red..

    Important! If the plugin fails to download, check the URL you received from the plugin developers site. You may need to get a different URL for the plugin.

    List of installed plugins DokuWiki

    When you visit your plugin Manager, you will see the plugin show up in the “Installed Plugins” list.

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