How to create pages in DokuWiki

Now that you’ve installed DokuWiki, the next thing we’re going to show you how to do is create your first page. We’re going to go over the basics of creating pages, and in future tutorials we’ll go more indepth. By Default, anyone can create pages in DokuWiki.

To create a new page, you’ll actually use the search feature within your wiki to search for the page that you want to create. After searching, as long as the page doesn’t exist, DokuWiki will give you a link you can click on that will allow you to create this page. Let’s learn how to create pages in DokuWiki.

How to create a page

  1. Log into DokuWiki
  2. create-pages-dokuwiki-1-search-dokuwiki

    Type the Name of the page you want to create in the search field towards the top right of your DokuWIki site. In our testing, we want to create a page named “HTML Basics“. As you can see in the screenshot to the right, we searched our DokiWiki site for this page. Click the Magnifying glass to search the title.

  3. create-pages-dokuwiki-2-not-found-dokuwiki

    Next, if the title is not already created on the site, you should see a “Nothing was found” in the Search results.

    Click Create this page from the menu to the right.

  4. create-pages-dokuwiki-3-enter-text-dokuwiki

    Enter the text you want for the header title and the body text.

    Click Save


    Now the page will show the new header title and the body text you added to the content of the page. Also, due to the nature of wiki software, other people who read the article you just created can improve upon it and edit it

    Note! To find your pages on your DokuWiki site, click the “Sitemap” link towards the top right of your DokuWiki site. There you will find a list of all pages that are on your site.

That’s all there is to it! Again, we just went over the very basics of creating page. When creating pages, you will want to know how to create namespaces. Namespaces organize your pages into categories for easy management.  Click here to learn how to format content and add images to your new page as well.

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