Installing the captcha plugin in DokuWiki

Wiki sites that have anonymous editing allowed will need to secure the Edit sections. This is to prevent Spam bots from filling the pages with spam links and unwanted content. DokuWiki has a plugin called “captcha” that protects your wiki pages from article and page edits by robots abd spam bots. The captcha plugin is available for free from the site.

Installing the captcha plugin in DokuWiki

  1. Get Plugin url DokuWiki

    Go to the following link and get the URL for the plugin installation.

    Copy the link for the plugin. The link we use in this tutorial is the following.

    Note! This may change depending on version updates. You will want to go to the site to make sure the newest version is used for security reasons.

  2. Manage plugins DokuWiki

    Log into DokuWiki.

    Click the admin link at the top and go to Manage Plugins.

  3. Download the plugin DokuWiki

    Paste the URL for the plugin in the “Download and install a new plugin“.

    Click Download.

    Success plugin install DokuWiki

    You should see the “Plugin package (1 plugin(s): captcha). successfully installed” message.

    Installed plugins DokuWiki

    You will see the captcha plugin in the “Installed Plugins” list.

  4. Config plugin settings in DokuWiki

    Click the Admin link at the top right and go to Configuration settings.

  5. Plugin settings DokuWiki

    On the “Captcha Plugin Settings” section, select Image+Audio (better accessibility) from the “Which type of captcha to use?” drop box.

    Save the changes.

    Final view of captcha DokuWiki

    Now when a user that is not logged in tries to edit a page in your wiki, there will be a captcha like the image to the right that will prevent Spam bots from filling your wiki pages with spam.

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