How to format content in DokuWiki

Formatting text in DokuWiki will require the wiki code to be used. DokuWiki has a built in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. The following table lists the wiki code options. Once you are familiar with the DokuWiki format options, we will go over how to do basic formats like bold, headline and a number list.

DokuWiki Editor options

DokuWiki has a basic editor that inserts the Wiki code for you. This section will explain what the DokuWiki code looks like and does. First Log into DokuWiki, then click on a page to edit. Click the pencil edit link in the right side. The top of the editing section will have the options found in following image.


DokuWiki editor functions

Bolds text

**Bold Text**

Italicizes text.

//Italic Text//

Underlines text.

__Underlined Text__
Code Text

Allows code to be displayed without the browser parsing the code.

''Code Text''
Strike Through Text

Strikes through text to show the text as deleted while still displaying the text.

<del>Strike-through Text</del>
Same Level Headline

Creates a header the same level as the Article.

====== Headline ======
Lower Level Headline and Higher Level headline

Steps the Header down or up a level.

Syntax step higher:
===== Headline =====

Syntax step lower:
==== Headline ====
Select Headline

Makes h1, h2, h3, h4, and h5 headers.

====== Level 1 Headline ====== ===== Level 2 Headline ===== ==== Level 3 Headline ==== === Level 4 Headline === == Level 5 Headline ==
Internal Link


Links to pages within the wiki. Dialogue box pops up with options for internal linking.

[[playground:playground|My Wiki Internal link]]
External Link

Creates a link to an external site.

Ordered List

Adds numbered lists

- Ordered List Item
Unordered list

Adds non-numbered lists

* Unordered List Item
Horizontal rule

Places a horizontal rule to divide sections.

Add images and other files


Uploads images and other media to the page. Brings up dialogue box that displays media on the server.



Places smileys on the page such as happy faces and frowns.

This varies on the type of smiley
Special characters


Adds not standard Characters to the page.

This varies on the character.
Insert Signature

Add the writers signature to the page.

--- //[[[email protected]|Webmaster]] 2012/12/18 15:22//

How to bold, headline and number text

Once you have a grasp of the WYSIWYG editor in DokuWiki, you can begin adding text and formatting it. The next steps are for bolding, headlining, and adding a numbered list to text.

  1. Log into DokuWiki.

    Create a page or edit an existing page.

  2. Making a Headline in DokuWIki

    Add text for the headline. Highlight the text.

    Click the Bold Icon in the WYSIWYG editor.

  3. Bolding text in DokuWiki

    Add the text you want to bold and highlight it.

    Click the Bold icon in the WYSIWYG editor and the text will bold.

  4. Creating a numbered list in DokuWiki

    To create a numbered list, type the text in the order you want the list to number. Highlight the first list item and click the ordered list icon in the editor.

  5. Code view of the bold, headline, and list

    Repeat this process till each item is like the code in the image to the right.

    Save the changes.

    Formatted text preview in DokuWiki

    The page should display the format you set in the editor.

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