How to change the DokuWiki logo

Changing the logo in DokuWiki can be done in two ways. The logo can be uploaded to the server directly through the cPanel File manager; or, the logo can be uploaded through the Media Manager through DokuWiki interface. This article will explain how to upload the logo through cPanel File manager and DokuWiki Media Manager.

Default DokuWiki logo

The default logo size that DokuWiki uses for the wiki logo is 64px x 64px. To make sure the image is the correct format, make sure the file type is .png and that your logo is the same dimensions of the wiki logo. Logos that are sized differently than the original one may distort and look unappealing. The default DokuWiki logo is shown in the snapshot to the right.

Changing the logo through the Media Manager

Through the Media Manager, the logo can be uploaded to the wiki images on the server. DokuWiki stores the logo in the wiki:logo.png location (This will be explained on step 3). The logo will automatically replace the default DokuWiki logo. The following steps will explain how to upload your custom logo to the server through the Media Manager.

  1. Log into your DokuWiki as admin
  2. Click the Medis Manager in DokuWiki

    Click the Media Manager link at the top right side.

  3. Media Manager location for log is wiki:logo.png

    Under [root], Click the wiki link on the left to load the wiki images. This is where the wiki:logo.png is stored.

  4. Upload custom logo in DokuWiki

    Select the Upload tab. Click the upload button to upload your new logo.

    Important! Your logo must be named logo.png for the logo to display on your DokuWiki site.

    List of images in the Media Manager

    You should see the logo in the list of images on the Media Manager wiki page.

    DokuWiki custom logo

    Clear your browser cache

    Visit your wiki homepage. The logo should automatically load and display on your wiki site similar to the image at the right.

Uploading the logo through File Manager

In the event you cannot upload through the Media Manager, you can directly upload the image to the server. The following will explain the steps in uploading your logo through the File Manager.

  1. Login into your cPanel.
  2. Go to the File Manager. Select the web root (public_html/www) directory and click Go.
  3. Navigate to your wiki folder where your DokuWiki was installed. The location will be similar to the following path. (Change “yourwiki” in the path to your wiki location.)


  4. Download the logo.png image to your desktop.
  5. Open the logo.png in an image editor like Photoshop or Gimp.
  6. Edit the image and add the graphics and text to the logo to suit your Wiki site.

    Save the image.

    Important! Your logo must be named logo.png for the logo to display on your DokuWiki site.

  7. Renaming the old logo

    Rename the logo.png file on the server to logo-old.png. See the image to the right.

  8. View of both files in File Manager DokuWiki

    Upload your new logo. You should see both the logo-old.png and the loog.png in the files. See the snapshot to the right.

  9. View of the new logo in DokuWiki

    Clear your browser cache and visit the home page.

    Now your DokuWiki site will display your new custom made logo.

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