DokuWiki Plugins


What is DokuWiki?

What is DokuWiki? DokuWiki is a Free Open Source wiki software designed by Andreas Gohr in 2004. If you are familar with Wikipedia, then you Read More >

Install and Settings

Installing DokuWiki Manually

DokuWiki is an open source software designed to bring wiki based software with less server tasking capabilities. What this means is, DokuWiki has less processes Read More >

Changing the DokuWiki template

DokuWiki is a free Open Source Software that has many templates available for free online. Switching templates within the administration section is very simple compared Read More >


How to log into DokuWiki

The first step in administering your DokuWiki site is logging into the Administrative dashboard. Below are the steps to log into your DokuWiki administrator dashboard. Read More >

Creating Pages

Customizing DokuWiki

Editing Content