How to Import Email Accounts and Forwarders into cPanel

In this article, we will explain how you can import a list of email addresses and email forwarders into a cPanel account. This can be incredibly useful for beginners and advanced users migrating content from one cPanel to another. Or, if you want to create a massive list of users in a spreadsheet instead of through cPanel directly. You can then import your spreadsheet with the method described below. For users managing multiple email accounts, keeping all email addresses and passwords in a spreadsheet may prove helpful.

Using a Simple .CSV File Instead of Excel Spreadsheet

You can use an Excel Spreadsheet for your email content, but cPanel gives non-Excel users a simpler method for creating a sheet with any basic text editor. Below are some examples you can follow. Make sure to save these files with a .csv extension.

For importing email addresses:

[email protected],1234,10
[email protected],4567,8
[email protected],8910,10

For importing email forwarders:

[email protected],[email protected]
[email protected],[email protected]
[email protected],[email protected]

How to Import your CSV or Excel Spreadsheet into cPanel

Once you have your spreadsheet or CSV file ready to import, follow along with the steps below:

  1. cmPape 18

    Log into cPanel.

  2. cmPape 57

    Under the Email section click Address Importer.

  3. cmPape 58

    If you need help creating your spreadsheet file, click the link in the blue alert box.

  4. cmPape 59

    Select the kind of spreadsheet you are importing, E-mail Accounts or Forwarders.

  5. cmPape 60

    Click Choose File to upload the spreadsheet file from your computer.

  6. cmPape 61

    Select your delimiter and header preference. (In this example, we used commas in a .csv file. Make sure to leave the box checked for “Treat first row as column headers” if the first row of your spreadsheets contains headers for your columns.)

  7. cmPape 62

    Click Next

  8. cmPape 63

    Confirm the imported content and click Next again

  9. cmPape 64

    Click Finish

You will see a notice of successful import. From here, you can Import More, or go back to your cPanel home page.

Well done on completing this tutorial. You can no import email addresses and forwarders in cPanel.

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