How to Enable/Disable SpamAssassin

SpamAssassin is the primary application used to detect and mark incoming or outgoing spam emails for your Dedicated server. In some cases you may prefer to have it disabled though it is not recommended unless you are using a different solution to reduce or mark spam that may be hitting your account. Be aware that SpamAssassin can only be enabled account-wide. It cannot be specific to a created cPanel account.

Enabling or disabling Spam Assassin requires that you have root access.

How to Enable/Disable Spam Assassin

  1. Login to the WHM
  2. Next, under the Server Configuration section click on Tweak Settings
  3. Click on Tweak Settings

  4. Tweak Settings has a lot of settings that you can make, but the one we’re looking for is under the MAIL tab. Click on the Mail tab to open the Mail options.
  5. Click on Mail tab

  6. Scroll down in the Mail options until you find Enable Apache Spam Assassin spam filter. In the column at right, click on ON to enable, or OFF to disable Apache SpamAssassin.
  7. Enable or Disable Spam Assassin

  8. When you have selected your choice, make sure that you click on the blue SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.
For more information on SpamAssassin, please see the official documentation.

Congratulations, now you know how to enable and disable SpamAssassin in WHM!

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Thoughts on “How to Enable/Disable SpamAssassin

  • Yes, this is the way to enable or disable SpamAssassin for the whole server. But individual email accounts can also be specified. Here is a copy of how to do that, from another Web posting:

    First, go to WHM -> Service Configuration -> Exim Configuration Editor and scroll to the bottom where you see the SpamAssassin options. Uncheck SpamAssassinTM: Enable for all users without the option for users to shut off per account if it is checked and click save.

    Now individual users can turn SpamAssassin on or off.

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