Setting up Email Filters

As we continue our series on organizing your email, we will now explain how to setup email filters and provide helpful links to our step-by-step guides on the topic. Email filters are used to sort incoming emails directly into the corresponding folder. Let’s take for example, you have an e-shop and it delivers emails with the subject “New Order.” You can set up a folder called “New Orders” and have the emails go directly to that folder. Instead of having to sort through the emails every day to find new orders you would then just have to go to the single folder where the email filter directs moved them. A user level filter can be setup in cPanel and can be setup to affect just one address, or all email addresses in the account. When you setup an email filter in Webmail, it will only work on that single email account.

Here are some articles to help you set up email filters in cPanel and Webmail

How to Setup Email Filters

Here are some articles to help you set up email filters in cPanel and WebMail (Horde):

Congratulations, now you know more about email filters and how to set them up! Check back for additional articles on this topic in the future.

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