Using the Contact Form in PHP-Fusion

The contact form used in PHP-Fusion is a default form that appears as a link within the website viewable in the front-end. This form is non-editable through the Admin Panel interface, though it can be removed or re-positioned through the site links. The following article will discuss how to find the form in front-end interface, Read More >

Modify the copyright footer in PHP-Fusion

As PHP-Fusion is free open-source software release under the AGPL (Affero General Public License), it displays a copyright notice in the footer of every page by default. This can be modified to a certain extent, and in this article I’ll explain the process. Footers in PHP-Fusion Below you can see the 3 different type of Read More >

Modify the sub-footer in PHP-Fusion

By default PHP-Fusion will let you modify the footer from the admin panel. This however displays at the very bottom of your PHP-Fusion site, and if you’d like to instead place a footer in-between your front page content and the bottom of the page, this article will explain that in detail. Modify the sub-footer include Read More >

Adding Google Analytics Code to PHP-Fusion

In this tutorial we will show you how to add a Google Analytics Tracking code to your PHP-Fusion Website. Google analytics allows you to view statistics regarding visitors to your website. How to Add a Google Analytics Code: In the root of your PHP-Fusion files, edit the footer.php file. It is located in: /themes/templates/footer.php Enter Read More >

PHP-Fusion Main Site Settings Overview

You can change the appearance of different areas of your PHP-Fusion website through the Main Settings in your Administrator Panel. Areas like the Site name, Site Banner, Footer text, Themes and more can be updated through the Settings section of your PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. This article will briefly explain the Main Settings section in your Read More >