Why Use Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy Options Domain Privacy is either on or off thing. This means, that if you have selected to use Domain Privacy, then anyone trying to access your WHOIS information will see the information provided by the domain registrar (InMotion Hosting), and not your personal information. If your domain information is not protected by domain Read More >

Understanding a Domain and Hosting Service

A Domain name and website hosting service work together to identify and provide a home for your website files. InMotion Hosting also provides a database server and email server as well other services that work together to serve websites, email services, or web-based applications. We provide more information on Domain Names and Website Hosting through Read More >

What is a SOA Record?

A Start of Authority (SOA) record, sometimes called a serial number, is assigned to every domain and changes everytime its DNS settings change. For example, if example.com is pointed to InMotion Hosting nameservers, we create a SOA record for the domain in our authoritative DNS records and update it as you change DNS settings. A Read More >