Setup Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics (OWA) is an open source web analytics program you can install to your server manually or with Softaculous to track activity on your websites. Below we cover how to set up Open Web Analytics. Setup Open Web Analytics Install Open Web Analytics via Softaculous or manually. If using Softaculous, ensure you enter Read More >

Where’s My Matomo Analytics Site ID?

Unless you’re using the manual tracking code from Matomo, you’re likely going to need the Site ID to integrate Matomo Analytics within your content management system (CMS) – WordPress, thirty bees, Grav, etc.. Below we cover how to find your site ID in Matomo Analytics. Find your Site ID Log into Matomo. Select the Administration Read More >

Remove Modules in Open Web Analytics

Removing unneeded features is an important but often neglected step in web design. Open Web Analytics includes a Hello World module as a template for users wishing to develop custom modules. For users uninterested in development, here’s how to remove modules in Open Web Analytics. Note: Below we’ll remove the pre-installed Hello World module. If Read More >

Install a plugin in Matomo Analytics

Soon after installing Matomo Analytics, you may realize Matomo adds new features regularly. For more features now, check out their list of installable plugins. Most are free to install. Below we’ll cover how to install a plugin in Matomo Analytics with the dashboard. Install a Plugin Log into Matomo. Select the Settings icon in the Read More >

Web Analytics Software – Factors to Consider

We cover many web analytics software in our Support Center. Just like the content management system (CMS) you choose, the best web analytics app for you depends on multiple factors. Below are some factors and comparisons between the following tools we’ve covered to help you decide: Clicky Google Analytics Matomo (formerly Piwik) Open Web Analytics Read More >

Install Matomo Analytics in thirty bees

The thirty bees creator, designhaus42, developed a free module to implement Matomo Analytics within their e-commerce fork of PrestaShop 1.6. Below we cover how to install the Matomo Web Analytics module in thirty bees. Note: The Matomo Web Analytics module isn’t compatible with Prestashop 1.6 or 1.7. Install Matomo Analytics Module Log into thirty bees. Read More >

Connect WordPress with Clicky Analytics Plugin

While registering a Clicky Analytics account, the best way for WordPress users to implement it with WordPress is a plugin. Below we cover how to install the Clicky Analytics plugin to track web traffic within and your WordPress dashboard. Install Clicky Analytics Plugin Log into WordPress. Install the Clicky Analytics plugin. Activate the plugin. Read More >

Force HTTPS in Matomo Analytics

There are many ways to force a website to use HTTPS for a secure SSL connection including the .htaccess 301 redirect and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list. Below we cover how to force Matomo to use HTTPS with the configuration file and ForceSSL plugin. Config File Install Plugin Deactivate Redirect Edit Configuration File Read More >

Install Clicky Analytics

Clicky Analytics tracks web activity from within their website. Clicky has paid options but the free plan allows you to track one website up to 3,000 daily page views total. Below we cover how to install and navigate Clicky analytics. Install Clicky Register on Type your domain on the next page. Edit the Clicky Read More >

Display an Opt-Out Notification with Matomo Analytics

Many organizations – including WordPress and us – have updated privacy policies to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As Matomo has many features to assist with GDPR compliance and anonymize tracked data, we cover how to set Matomo to display an opt-out notification verifying the user’s activity isn’t being tracked with Do Not Read More >