Install Clicky Analytics

Clicky Analytics tracks web activity from within their website. Clicky has paid options but the free plan allows you to track one website up to 3,000 daily page views total. Below we cover how to install and navigate Clicky analytics.

Install Clicky

  1. Register on
    Register an account

  2. Type your domain on the next page.
    Type domain

  3. Edit the Clicky account settings and website information.
    Edit account settings

  4. Select Tracking Code from the top nav bar.
  5. Copy the tracking code above the </body> line of your website code using a file editor. Uncheck Affiliate Badge on the right to exclude a Clicky icon from showing on the website. There are other options depending on your content management system (CMS) – i.e. WordPress and PrestaShop. Below is an example of the Javascript tracking code.
    <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> 
    <script type="text/javascript">try{ clicky.init(#########); }catch(e){}<script> <noscript>
    <img alt="Clicky" height="1" src="//" width="1"></noscript>

    Copy tracking code

  6. Verify Tracking Code to ensure it works.

    Note:Clicky ignores activity from administrators by default using cookies. You can test the tracking code using a private browsing session.

  7. Select Dashboard for the analytics overview.
    website analytics dashboard

Navigate Clicky Dashboard

Clicky has many ways to to sort and filter visitor activity. Below are some examples available to free users.

  • Select your username from the top-left to show the websites overview page.
    websites overview

  • The Visitors tab shows users’ views and actions.
    visitors section

  • The Content tab shows views, visitors, and view time per page.
    content section

  • The Searches tab shows what search engine results that brought visitors to your page.
    searches section

  • The Links tab shows clicked links leading to and exiting the website.
    links incoming section

  • The Platforms tab shows web browsers used to view your website.
    web browsers section

  • The Locale tab shows visitor views per country.
    locale contries section

  • The Spy tab visualizes views per regions.
    real-time spy section

  • The Big screen tab gives a full-screen overview of your website statistics.
    big screen section

For more analytics options, check our web analytics section. Feel free to read more about Clicky GDPR compliance.

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