Update Matomo Analytics

When Matomo Analytics has a new update available, the administrator is notified via email and the upper-right corner upon dashboard login. Below we cover how to update Matomo automatically within your browser.

Update Matomo

  1. Select Update automatically on the welcome screen.
    New Version Available prompt

    Pressing Download [Version] prompts you to download the update file to handle manually.

<li>After the update completes, press <strong>Continue to Matomo</strong> at the bottom.

Notification update completed

  • You may be prompted to upgrade your Matomo database afterwards. You can do so using Upgrade Matomo button.
    Database Upgrade Required

    Alternatively, you can SSH into the cPanel account and run the following command:

    php /home/cpaneluser/public_html/MatomoFolderName/console core:update

    Note: You can backup your database beforehand in cPanel.

  • Continue to Matomo dashboard to see new features.
    Update complete

  • You can learn more about improving your Matomo web analytics in our Support Center and our last article – connecting WordPress with Matomo.

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