Connect WordPress with Clicky Analytics Plugin

While registering a Clicky Analytics account, the best way for WordPress users to implement it with WordPress is a plugin. Below we cover how to install the Clicky Analytics plugin to track web traffic within and your WordPress dashboard.

Install Clicky Analytics Plugin

  1. Log into WordPress.
  2. Install the Clicky Analytics plugin. Activate the plugin.
    Install Clicky Analytics plugin

  3. On the left, select Clicky Analytics under Settings.
  4. Login for the Site ID and Site Key.
  5. Select Preferences.
    Install Clicky Analytics plugin

  6. Copy the Site ID and Site key from to the plugin text fields. Save the changes.
    Clicky Analytics plugin settings

  7. Select Clicky Analytics under Dashboard to view basic analytics.
    Select Clicky Analytics from dashboard

  8. Select View full stats on to be redirected to
    Clicky plugin dashboard

Learn more about analytics from our Clicky Analytics section.


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