Create a User in Matomo Analytics

After installing matomo Analytics you may need to create additional users with various permissions such as view-only and admin for different websites. Below we’ll create a new user in Matomo, assign appropriate permissions, and remove it.

Create a User

  1. Log into your Matomo website.
    Login Matomo
  2. Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.
    Select Settings from the dashboard
  3. Select Users under System.
    Select users from the menu
  4. Select Add a New User.
    Select the New User button
  5. Type a username, password, email account, and the first website to confgure the user permissions. Then select Create User.
    Type the new user credentials
  6. You’ll be forwarded to the Edit user function to the password or email account before pressing Save Basic Info. Press Permissions to continue.
    Edit user credentials
  7. Check the box beside the domain and choose a role – View, Write, or Admin. You can also do this from the Manage Users page.
    Assign user permissions
  8. Press Superuser Access to authorize admin access if applicable. Otherwise, select Back to see the new user listed on the Manage Users page.
    Decide on superuser access
  9. You’ll now see the new user listed.
    View all users

Remove a User

  1. Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner and select Users under System.
    View all users

  2. To delete a Matomo user, check the box beside the user before pressing the Delete icon on the right. Press Yes

to confirm.
Select user to remove

You can read more about improving your web analytics in our Matomo Analytics education center.

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