How to Setup SMTP Settings in phpBB

Your phpBB website has the ability to send email notifications, using your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings. In this guide we will show you how to setup your SMTP settings in phpBB. You will then be able to send email notifications from your phpBB website. Setting up SMTP in phpBB Login to your phpBB Read More >

How to activate a new language in phpBB 3.0

By default, phpBB 3.0 is set to use British English. You may upload different language packs and set the default language from within your Admin Control Panel. This will help you if your site is specific to people who speak a language other than English. Below is a tutorial in getting a nalguage pack, installing Read More >

Modifying your header title in phpBB 3.0

Once you get your phpBB 3.0 site installed and online, you may want to begin to customize it to set it apart from all other websites. Changing the name of your board, located in the header of the site, is one of the first changes people usually make. A relevant title will give your site Read More >

How to edit a template footer in phpBB 3.0

PhpBB allows you to select from different templates to customize the look and feel of your site. Regardless of the template you select to use, there may be times when you want to add something to your site that is not in the templatge by default. Most often, the header and footer are the areas Read More >

Managing spambot countermeasures in phpBB 3.0

Automated spam is very prominent across the web. Spammers employ bots, or automated programs, to crawl the web and inject forums and blogs with comments pointing back to their desired links. Employing anti-spam processes, known as spambot countermeasures, in your phpBB site can help reduce the amount of automated spam junk you get in your Read More >

How to Configure User Registration Settings in phpBB 3.0

When customizing your site and its behavior, you do not want to forget the user registration settings. From within the administrative dashboard in phpBB, you can tailor the settings for such features as password width, username width, the number of posts a user must hit before no longer being considered ‘new’, etc. This article discusses Read More >

Editing syndication feed settings in phpBB 3.0

Many site owners wish to enable syndicated feeds for their site content. This broadcasts any new content added to your site to subscribers so they are aware of it almost instantly. This can help bring visitors back to the community to engage in conversation, growing your site and boards more quickly. PhpBB uses the ATOM Read More >

How to configure private message settings in phpBB 3.0

One feature you may wish to allow in your phpBB site is the ability to send provate messages. These are much like emails that members can send from one to another without making a public post. As the administrator, you have the ability to adjust settings to customize the behavior of the messages. Configuring private Read More >

Editing avatar settings in phpBB 3.0

Within phpBB 3.0 users have the ability to use avatars, or images, that represent them within the community. As an admin, you have the ability to customize the settings that govern the avatars. These can be settings on size, or limits on which avatars are selectable, or even if avatars are allowed at all. The Read More >

How to manage attachments in phpBB 3.0

With phpBB 3.0, one of the new features regards attachments. Users are now able to add attachments to their posts. The board administrator has the ability to control all the settings regarding the attachments and whether they can be attached at all. There are many settings regarding attachments and images being added to posts. Below Read More >