Writing and Sending Email

Sending emails is one of the most important features of your email client. Whether you use a desktop client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or Outlook or Webmail knowing the bascis behind sending emails will be important.

Composing and Sending Emails

Keep in mind every email client is different. We have created Knowledge Base articles on using many of the more popular email clients:

Sending an Email to Multiple Addresses at Once

There are two options when sending emails to mutliple addresses at one time. Please keep in mind that are servers are restricted to sending email to no more than 50 recipients at one time. Also, there is a bulk email limit of 250 emails per hour. This limit can be adjusted. For more information please read: Bulk Email Exemption Request

Knowing the difference between CC and BCC is important but not complicated to understand.

CC: CC is an acronym for Carbon Copy. This basically means you are sending the email to multiple recipients at one time. When you use CC, everyone on the list of recipients can see who you sent the email to.

BCC: BCC stands Blind Carbon Copy. This works the same way as carbon copy but it hides the email addresses from the other recipients. This is handy of you are emails a sizable list of customers , and do not want the customer to see the others email addresses. 

One of the most popular free email clients is Thunderbird. In Thunderbird, the CC and BCC fields of the email look like the screen shot below. In this illiustration, Bill And Bob will be able to see each other’s email addresses but both Bod and Bill will not see Jill’s email address since she is in the BCC field:


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