Do You Need A QuickStarter Or A Custom Web Design Package?

You know you need a website but you aren’t sure if you need a QuickStarter or a custom multi-page site. The easiest way to decide between one or the other is to think about your business goals. 

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If you will be selling products or services and need an eCommerce solution, it’s best to explore the custom web design packages. If you’ll need many pages or complicated functionality, the custom web design package is your best bet as well. However, if your main goal is to establish a quick, modern web presence for your business, then a one-page QuickStarter site is the best choice for you.

The content below outlines both the QuickStarter and Custom Web Design Packages. Both options allow you to edit and add to your website once it is launched, and includes support for your web design needs. You’ll also own the site once it’s created! 

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The QuickStarter is a one-page site that is delivered to you within two business days of the submitted design form. Built with BoldGrid, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop builder, you’ll be able to add pages, sections, images, and text with ease once the website is launched and delivered to you. The purpose of QuickStarter is to give your business a modern, beautiful web presence in an easy-to-use builder for simple future editing. For the best results, take your time while filling out the design form and give as much information as possible. This includes preferences you may have about color or stock images. 

Custom Web Design Packages

The custom web design packages are split into two categories: CMS and eCommerce. The CMS packages do not have an eCommerce solution and vary in price based on webpage count. The eCommerce packages come with WooCommerce integration and vary based on webpage count and the number of SKUs that will be added to the site. For all custom design packages, you’ll have a team comprised of a project success adviser (project manager), senior web designer, and senior frontend developer. They will support and guide you through the web design process and help you achieve your website goals. 

In addition, the custom web design process consists of two stages: design and coding. After an initial call with the project success adviser, in the design stage, the senior web designer will create a comp, which is a high-fidelity image, of your homepage for revisions and approval. Once the comp is approved and the team has all of your content, the senior frontend developer will code your entire site and the revisions process will start again in preparation for launch. 

When the site is close to launching, you’ll also receive a walkthrough from your senior frontend developer showing you how to update and maintain your site. With the custom web design package and the support of the custom web design team, you’re able to achieve complex functionality for the specific needs you require.

If you’re looking for a great team to create your website, check out our custom web design team or our Quickstarter! Both are designed and coded by web design experts and professionals who create beautiful, modern WordPress websites.

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