eCommerce: Step 5 – Choose your type of SSL

After you have configured your online store to accept payments from customers, you’ll now want to setup the security of your website. SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is the most popular protocol used online to secure connections over the web. If you will be having customers enter sensitive information into your store, such as credit card information, you’ll want it to be secured over an SSL connection.


There are two types of SSL certificates:
  • Shared SSL
  • Dedicated SSL

Shared SSL

A Shared SSL Certificate is one that is shared by all users on the server. A big benefit of Shared SSL is that it is free, and it is just as secure as a Dedicated SSL Certificate. The drawback however is that the Shared SSL address will be similar to:


This address not only shows your cPanel username, but it also shows “inmotionhosting”. While this SSL Certificate is just as secure as a Dedicated SSL Certificate, if the user notices your website url change from to, it may scare them off.


Please be aware that Shared SSL certificates are only available on Shared hosting plans, they are not included with VPS hosting accounts or Dedicated servers.

Dedicated SSL

Dedicated SSL certificates are a great alternative to Share SSL Certificates. While they are not free, they do add much more peace of mind to your customers as the SSL Secured URL will look like and not change to


If you would like to purchase a Dedicated SSL Certificate through InMotion Hosting, please see the following link for more information on how to get started:



Please keep in mind that even though you host through InMotion Hosting, you are not required to purchase a Dedicated SSL certificate through us, you can purchase one from almost any Certificate Authority and request that we install it for you.

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