cPanel Tasks To Enhance Website Creator

Web design includes many aspects that require constant learning – user experience, analytics, marketing, etc.. But there are some important cPanel tasks you should understand to make the most out of your website. Listed below are cPanel features to help you maximize your website and online brand.

Note that cPanel creation is no longer unlimited. For more information, please see cPanel Pricing Changes. You can see the pricing that now applies to cPanel licenses. To learn more about the change, please see our FAQ on cPanel Pricing.

1. Create an Email Account

An email account with your domain is more professional than a Gmail, AOL, etc.. Create an email account within seconds in cPanel.

Time to Completion: <1 Minute

2. Setup Email

After creating an email account, check our Email section to connect your desktop and mobile email clients. We recommend IMAP over POP3 for most users.

Time to Completion: <10 Minutes

3. Fight Spam

Reduce the possibility of receiving spam and sending emails that are marked as spam by enabling DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and Spam Filters. These processes mostly require clicking few buttons and pasting text.

Time to Completion: <5 Minutes

4. FTP

FTP is faster than cPanel File Manager for downloading or uploading large files. We recommend FileZilla.

Note: You must upload files using the Media Library to be able to select them from within your BoldGrid dashboard.

Time to Completion: <5 Minutes

5. ModSecurity

The ModSecurity Apache module adds a layer of security against various attacks. What you need to know:

Time to Completion: Not Applicable

6. Cache Manager

The Nginx-powered Cache Manager in cPanel changes your website cache settings to load faster. To get started, Enable Caching and pick a Default Refresh Time.

Time to Completion: <1 Minute

7. Hotlink Protection

A hotlink is an URL on another website linking to code within your website – e.g. an <img> tag to display an image on your website. This uses, and therefore, slows your server performance. Press Enable Hotlink Protection in cPanel to prevent this.

Time to Completion: <1 Minute

8. Check & Repair Database

If your website shows an Error establishing a database connection, a quick troubleshooting method is to check and repair the database using MySQL Database or phpMyAdmin in cPanel.

Advanced users may prefer to use WP-CLI via SSH or cPanel Terminal.

Time to Completion: <5 Minutes

9. Create a Backup

cPanel backups aren’t easy to auto-schedule like Total Upkeep but it allows you to backup all server data, files only, or databases only using Backup Wizard or Backup in cPanel.

Time to Completion: Depends on Disk Usage

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