Remove Modules in Open Web Analytics

Removing unneeded features is an important but often neglected step in web design. Open Web Analytics includes a Hello World module as a template for users wishing to develop custom modules. For users uninterested in developemnt, here’s how to remove modules in Open Web Analytics.

Note: Below we’ll remove the pre-installed Hello World module. If you’re sure you won’t need the other modules, for GDPR compliance in example, you can remove the others.

Remove Modules

  1. Log into cPanel, FTP, or SSH.
  2. Navigate to your Open Web Analytics directory, then the /modules directory.
  3. Remove the /hello directory.
  4. Log into Open Web Analytics.
  5. Select Administration from the top.
  6. Select Modules from the left. The Hello World module should not be listed.
    Screenshot showing oEmbed-supported URL's transformed into previews in visual editor

  7. Note: You may need to clear your Open Web Analytics and/or browser cache to see the change.

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