GDPR in Open Web Analytics

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance made user privacy an important step in web design in 2018. The popular WordPress content management system (CMS) built in a GDPR section to assist its users with compliance while other CMS’s offered plugins to do the same.

Open Web Analytics doesn’t have a GDPR module but added features the same year to assist users with compliance. Here we’ll cover how to improve GDPR compliance in Open Web Analytics.

Improve GDPR Compliance

  1. Log into Open Web Analytics. Administration page
  2. Select Administration at the top.
  3. Turn on Anonymize IP Addresses to remove the last octet – e.g. 128.0.0.*** – during storage.
  4. Turn off Geo-location to ignore visitor location using Geo-IP.
  5. Turn off Feed Link Tracking to block tracking RSS or Atom feeds.
  6. Disable or remove unneeded modules – Domstream, Maxmind GeoIP, and Remote Queue.

Open Web Analytics also respects the Do Not Track web browser settings. Learn more about Open Web Analytics in our Support Center.

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