Connect Grav with Matomo Analytics

After installing Matomo Analytics, Grav users will need to know the best way to integrate the two. Below we cover how to connect Matomo Analytics with Grav CMS + Admin Plugin with the piwik plugin and SSH.

Connect Matomo Analytics

  1. Log into Grav.
  2. Select Plugins from the left.
  3. Install the “piwik” plugin.
    install piwik plugin
  4. Press Continue.
  5. On the piwik configuration page, add the Site ID and Piwik (Matomo) URL without HTTP/HTTPS.
    add Matomo site ID and URL

Using SSH

  1. Login SSH.
  2. Navigate to the Grav root directory.
  3. Install the piwik plugin with bin/gpm install piwik.
  4. Copy the /piwik.yaml to users/config/plugins/ and update the Site ID and Piwik (Matomo) URL.
    enabled: true
      siteId: 0
      sitePiWikURL: ''

Learn more about Grav in our Support Center.

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