Disable Caching in Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics has built-in caching to make the most of hosting services. Within the settings is a Flush Cache Now option. However, if you’re working on development, such as developing a module. Below we cover how to disable caching in Open Web Analytics.

Disable Caching

  1. Log into FTP, or cPanel File Manager, or SSH.
  2. Navigate to your Open Web Analytics directory.
  3. Edit the owa-config.php file – e.g. in SSH: nano owa-config.php.
  4. Near the bottom, remove the // and change true to false.
      * Override setting to cache objects. Caching will increase performance.
      //define('OWA_CACHE_OBJECTS', true);

    The final result: define(‘OWA_CACHE_OBJECTS’, false);
  5. Log into Open Web Analytics.
  6. Select Administration at the top. At the bottom, ensure Cache Control shows Status: OFF.
    Caching disabled
  7. Note: You may need to log out and clear your browser cache to see the change.

Learn more about Open Web Analytics in our Support Center.

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