Setup Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics (OWA) is an open source web analytics program you can install to your server manually or with Softaculous to track activity on your websites. Below we cover how to set up Open Web Analytics.

Setup Open Web Analytics

  1. Install Open Web Analytics via Softaculous or manually. If using Softaculous, ensure you enter the domain you want to track in Site Domain.
  2. Log into Open Web Analytics.Open Web Analytics login screen
  3. From the dashboard, click Get Tracking Code.Open Web Analytics dashboard
  4. Copy the Javascript or PHP tracking code near the top of your website index file.Copy tracking code

    Click View Reports afterwards to view analytics.

    Open Web Analytics results

  5. You can edit the tracking settings from the Edit Profile section and general configuration settings from the Administration link at the top.Open Web Analytics site profile

    Open Web Analytics installation configuration

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Find more analytics tutorials in the support center:

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