Recurring Payments Plugins for WordPress

Does your site include a subscription service? When building a site with WordPress, you may be interested in setting up recurring payment processing. This allows you to collect money on a regular schedule without having to manually push through each order. Since there are many plugins available for adding recurring payments, we will now go over some of the most popular plugins for managing recurring payments. Hopefully, this will help you decide how you want to handle recurring payments on your website.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Price:Starts at $199 for a year of updates and support
Link to Plugin page:WooCommerce Subscriptions
Recommended for:Any subscriptions processing sites.
Info:While a bit pricier than many available plugins, this is a fully compatible well-tested plugin. The price also includes support, so you need help it may be worth it.

Membership & Content Restriction

Link to Plugin page:Membership & Content Restriction
Recommended for:Membership sites
Info:If you have a membership site, this is the plugin for you. It can handle thousands of users and you can limit or allow access to users based on membership levels you create.

Events Made Easy

Link to Plugin page:Events Made Easy
Recommended for:Managing events
Info:If you run the payments for an event, this is a powerful option. Create public or private events and even handle the payment processing. Set up recurring events with ease and even issue membership cards or booking tickets.

Recurring PayPal Donations

Link to Plugin page:Recurring PayPal Donations
Recommended for:Non-Profit Organizations
Info:This plugins lets you easily acceppt one-time donations or visitors can choose a subscription/recurring payment.
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