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Creating a self-hosted food blog requires learning a lot more than effective writing and the food industry. You need to think about web design, search engine optimization (SEO), security, and more. Below we cover important tasks for getting started with a BoldGrid food blog.

Set up BoldGrid Visuals Security SEO Analytics Social Media Affiliate Program

Set Up BoldGrid

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  1. Choose an inspiration to style your website appearance.
  2. Set up the Staging site.
  3. Create a post. You can change the default editor within Post and Page Builder settings.
  4. Customize BoldGrid with the customizer guide.

Audio & Visuals

Add audio / video (A/V) related to the post using the Media Library to give readers another way to retain information. Everyone remembers information differently. The longer the post, the more helpful the visual additions.

Install the WP Accessibility plugin to add alternative text to images for disabled users.

Embed A/V external content easily with our WordPress Embed guide.

Edit images with GIMP and videos with recommended video editors. You can follow our photographer guide for in-depth advice. You can also use Creative Commons (CC) content, but be sure to respect the different attributes.

Embed live recordings using our broadcasting guide.


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Configure the Total Upkeep plugin and a security plugin (WordFence is most popular) to protect your work.

Enable AutoSSL in Account Management Panel (AMP). A SSL shows you care about security and privacy. The free AutoSSL suffices for bloggers until selling products. Consider Sucuri for enhanced web hosting security.

Strengthen your email hosting with our email authentication guide.

Publish Website

Launch your website and share it on all social media platforms.

After publishing your website, there are important enhancements you should prioritize:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Configure the Easy SEO plugin to improve visibility in search engine results for keywords related to your website. All in One SEO and Yoast SEO are popular alternatives. Such plugins add options and checkers specific to improving SEO. For example, Easy SEO displays a list of recommendations when editing posts such as add an image and prioritize keywords per post. There are also SEO checkers such as SEO Centro.


Integrate an analytics web application to visualize metrics and better understand what content gets the most attention from where. Many prefer Google Analytics for its popularity and Google’s reputation. Others prefer more customizable suites like Matomo Analytics or basic options like Clicky.


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Promptly respond to comments on your website and via social media and email. This shows you value others’ time and feedback which reflects your brand positively. You can make it easier to comment on your blog using integrations such as Disqus.

Create a weForms contact form. Or install Contact Form 7 for in-depth customization and security.

Use a social media management tool to schedule posts to multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard. Some, like, allow you to schedule posts directly from WordPress.

Share your RSS feed[]/feed – with recipe submission sites to reach new visitors. Options include Foodgawker, Tastespotting, and more listed by Sunshine and Sippy Cups blog.

Create a Mailchimp mailing list to easily push new content to fans.

Affiliate Marketing

Join affiliate and advertising programs to get paid for visitors clicking links to different products and services. Popular platforms include Amazon Associates and Google Adsense. We also have an affiliate program.There are advertising plugins to make this easier.

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