How to Embed Content into WordPress using oEmbed

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how the oEmbed embedding feature allows WordPress users to paste a supported URL to display its embedded version. This is easier than inserting a hyperlink or special embed links from platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud.

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Embed Supported Content into WordPress

  1. Log into your WordPress website directly or from Softaculous.
  2. Create or edit a post or page.
  3. Copy and paste the direct URL from the oEmbed-supported platform into the Visual or Text editor.
    Using the Text Editor :
    Screenshot adding oEmbed-supported URL's into WordPress post text editor


  4. The URL will transform into an oEmbed preview immediately if using the Visual editor.
    Screenshot showing oEmbed-supported URL's transformed into previews in visual editor


  5. You’ll be able to view the oEmbed preview while editing and viewing the page or post Preview.
    Screenshot showing completed post with Twitter, YouTube, WordPress plugin, and Photobucket oEmbed previews



Supported Websites

SlideShareSmugMugSoundCloudSpeaker Deck
VideoPressVimeoVineWordPress plugin directory

This list was updated on August 23, 2018. You can view the updated list and info on adding support for other platforms at If you haven’t already, feel free to check our detailed guide on embedding YouTube videos in WordPress.

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