How to Build a Save the Date (RSVP) Website using the Website Creator

There are a number of reasons that you might want to build a site just so that everyone remembers to save the date. It can be a simple static site that simply reminds you to not forget a particular date, or it can be a functional site that provides you a way to reply to an invitation so that they know you are attending. We will focus on creating a static site with graphics and contact information, then we will discuss the many plugin options that provide RSVP functionality.

Note that you will need to have a Website Creator Account in order to follow the instructions below. For more information, please see Website Creator.The instructions in the following steps are based on using a static page with a form for contacting you. All of this is provided to you by default when using the Website Creator which is based on the BoldGrid system.

Before you Start

In order to create an RSVP website, you will need the information that you want to show to your visitors. You should have the date, a description of the event, and your contact information. We advise using the BoldGrid Contact Form for people to contact you via email. We do not recommend sharing your email address. Once you have all your information, you can start thinking about how best to present it so people don’t forget! To make it even easier, plan the text you want to display and how you want to show it. It may be in an image or adjacent to an image. With a website, the sky’s the limit! Like any website, you will need to have a hosting account and a domain name.

Using the Website Creator

As per our note above, we’re going to keep this tutorial very simple and keep it to a home page and the contact form. Your first step will be to select an Inspiration that you want to use for your site. Keep in mind that Inspirations are basically websites filled with placeholder text and images. When you’re working with an Inspiration, the general idea is to simply change the text and images to make the site your own. When you load an Inspiration stick with the base pageset.

Step 1 – Load your Inspiration

Load the Inspiration of your choice. For more information on loading an Inspiration, please see this tutorial.

When you go through the process of loading an Inspiration you will have the opportunity to add your contact information. This includes your email address, phone and, address. Though we do not recommend you show this information, the Inspiration installation procedure will give you the opportunity to show or not show this information. You will also be able to add Social Media links. These can also be important for your event, so make sure to add this information here. You can also always add this information at a later stage if you just want to get into the website itself.

Step 2 – Remove Any Unnecessary Pages

To keep it simple, you may want to unpublish pages that you won’t need. For this tutorial, I have recommended that you use the Base pageset for your Inspiration. This means that there are three default pages: About Us, Contact Us, and Home. Follow the steps below to remove the unneeded page. Note: This may differ based on the pages you’re trying to use with your site.

  1. Once you have completed installing the Inspiration you can go to the Site Content block and click on the pencil icon to edit it. You can also go the Pages menu option in the left column.
  2. In the right-hand column, click on Edit in the Status: Published line.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu to change the status. Change it to Draft.
  4. Click on the blue Update button to save your changes.

Once any unnecessary pages are removed, you can begin to concentrate on your Home page.

Step 3- Creating your Pages

Now you can concentrate on adding the text and images (or other media) to your home page. This is the first page that all of your visitors will see. Make sure that your message is concise and contains all of the correct information for your event.

For information on changing the site title and the Home Page, check out the Getting Creative section of the educational channel for BoldGrid.

Step 4 – Finishing Up

Once you have completed editing the home page and the contact form, make sure to double-check it, have a friend review it, and then test it. If everything checks out, then you’re ready to share it. Make sure you include any relevant Social Media links if you have not already done so.

WordPress Plugins for RSVP Functionality

There are many plugins created for WordPress that can be used to provide RSVP functionality. If you’re not building a site solely for RSVP, then you may want to consider using a plugin. Here are few of the plugins that has listed:

These are just a few of the plugins that you can choose. If you need more functionality, such as adding tickets or displaying calendar, then look through the plugins to find the best option for you.

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