Plugins for Advertising

There are plugins available that allow you to run advertisements on your website. Typically, you would need to edit the actual HTML code to perform this however these plugins can save you time and effort if you wish to  have advertising on your website.

To place ads on your website, normally you would need to edit the html on your website to insert the ad code.  With WordPress, while making these code modifications is more difficult, there are plugins available to help you place advertisements where you want to on your website.

AdRotate – AdRotate allows you to place banner ads on your WordPress.  As the name implies, if you use multiple ad companies you can insert different banners and the plugin will automatically rotate them for you.  This plugin is updated regularly and allows you to manage your ads through your WordPress Dashboard.

Adsense Optimizer – This plugin is created to use with your Google AdSense account. It will allow you to display ads and even format them correctly on whatever pages you would like.

Advertising Manager – To automatically integrate all your ads in one program, Advertising Manager has a wide range of advertisers that can be managed.  It also comes with a widget to place ads on your side menu as well as directly into your  code.

The links above link directly to the  page related to each of the advertising plugins. If you want to learn more about the various plugins please feel free to visit the links we have provided. If you decide you would like to install one of the plugin mentions please follow our guide about installing plugins

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