How to Create a News Website using Website Creator

Websites specializing in sharing news, especially in multiple industries, need to prioritize ways to share that content. Below we’ll list what to keep in mind when you create a website for sharing news.

Customize Posts Social Contact Analytics


  1. Add an Inspiration.
  2. Edit your site title, subtitle, and other settings within the BoldGrid Customizer.
  3. Create or edit home and about pages.
  4. Edit your menu to include any major categories.

Create Posts

Post content regularly with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind to help your website show more in search engine results:

InMotion Hosting Google search results

Use popular keywords to improve your chances of landing in search results with tools like Google Trends and SEO Centro.

Check BoldGrid Easy SEO for recommendations on improving each post.

Schemas present specific information you want showing alongside search engine results.

Social and Sharing

Social media buttons make it easier to share content immediately with the click of a few buttons instead of copying links. There are many plugins that do this including Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons and Jetpack.

Don’t forget you can create widgets for Follow and Like buttons.

Automate your social media posting with free social media management tools such as Buffer.

No Social Media?

There are options for those not using social media.

RSS Feeds are built into WordPress so you can use /feed at the end of your domain or category URL to share one immediately.

Mailing Lists, often created with MailChimp, allow you to notify fans of new content they want via email. Ensure you follow our email authentication guide so your emails aren’t marked Spam or blocked entirely.


Contact Forms enable viewers to email you questions with a preset format via another spam filter. Advanced users may prefer Contact Form 7 for more security and customization.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) rooms are good for situations warranting a live chat, although many prefer to use integrated chat features for external platforms – e.g. YouTube – or forum systems like Disqus.


Integrate an analytics application to better understand your audience and where/how they find you. We recommend Google or Matomo Analytics.

Learn more in our Website Creator Product Guide.

For an alternative way to create a news website, check out How to Create a WordPress News Website with the WP News and Scrolling Widgets plugin.

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