How to Change the WordPress Title and Tagline

How to change the title and tagline in WordPress

Once you’ve installed WordPress, one of the first tasks you’ll need to complete is changing your title and tagline. The title and tagline in WordPress welcomes visitors to your website and quickly sums up its purpose. They also help promote a positive user experience for your visitors and encourage them to engage with your website. 

You can easily change the title and tagline in the Theme Customizer in your WordPress dashboard. Continue reading to learn how to access the Theme Customizer and change the title and tagline in WordPress. 

Don’t feel like reading? Watch our tutorial on how to change your WordPress Title and Tagline!

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Change the Title and Tagline in WordPress

  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Depending on your theme, navigate to Appearance>Customize or Customize in the left sidebar.
  3. Click on Site Identity or Site Title and Tagline in the Customizer.
  4. Once in the Site Identity options, you can change the title and tagline, upload a logo, and set a site icon (or favicon). You can also disable the title and tagline if you simply want to show a logo.  
  5. Once finished, click Publish to save your changes.

Congratulations, you now know how to customize the title and tagline in your WordPress site! Learn more WordPress tips and tricks in our WordPress Education Channel!

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Thoughts on “How to Change the WordPress Title and Tagline

  • I changed d my site title, wordpress address, site address. And it doesn’t open anymore. Please tell me what to do. I need your response quickly

  • is there a way you can have the tagline show on teh himepage but not the webiste title. The title of my site is in the image so i dont need it on their twice. Any help much appreciated.

    • There is not a “built-in” way to accomplish this in WordPress since headers and footers appear on all pages. Some 3rd party themes do allow this, so you may want to try one of the many available.

      Another option is to use custom-coding to accomplish this. This would require familiarity with HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

      Thank you,

  • I changed my site title in WP settings > general, cleared cache, cleared browser cache and contact form 7 email says: This e-mail was sent from a contact form on [old site title] 

  • Thank you. Was trying to figure out why my name is still showing old even when I changed it in general. The them has an SEO section and I forgot I had set the old name in there. Changed it and now it is showing the right site identity. Kind of hard to have a site teaching game development when your site is named Get the Girl.

  • Hi! I ‘ve edited the Site title and Tagline, but still, the header in the tab of my browser shows the domain name of the site instead of the Site title.

    • I first recommend clearing your browser cache, to rule this out.

      This setting location can differ based on the specific theme you have. Check the settings for your theme to see if there is a separate location to set this.

      Also some plugins (such as SEO plugins) can add a seperate area for specifying the setting.

      Thank you,

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