How to Change Themes in BoldGrid for WordPress

There may be a time after you have already built your first site that you decide the theme is no longer working for you. You do not need to go thorough the hassle of rebuilding your entire site. You can simply just change the theme and keep all other data on the site. Below we show you how to change the theme for your BoldGrid website.

Changing the Theme

  1. Login to your Boldgrid dashboard.
  2. boldgrid inspirations install new themes

    Roll your mouse over Inspirations, then click on Install New Themes.

  3. 2 select version

    If you have both an Active and a Staging theme installed, you will need to select which one you will be working with. If you only have an Active theme, then you will be brought to the next step automatically.

  4. 3 click select

    Locate the theme you wish to use from the Themes page, hover over it, and click on the Select button.

  5. 4 click install

    A confirmation popup window will appear. Click on Install this theme! to install the theme.

  6. 5 click enable

    Click on the Enable Theme link to activate your newly installed theme.

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1 Comment

  • I wished this video would explain how to install a premium WordPress theme, that means a theme not from Inspirations (BoldGride theme repository) neither from the WordPress Repository.

    After fumbling around for a while, I was lucky to find the solution, which is as follows:

    Go in Appearance/Themes/Add New/WordPress Repository. Then click on the top left button ‘Upload Theme’. It will then give you the option to choose your file and install it.


    I hope it will help others who are in the same deadend I was. 

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