How to Use BoldGrid when your site is not hosted with InMotion Hosting

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If you have decided that BoldGrid is going to be your solution for creating your new website but you have an existing website that you’re going to keep on a different host than InMotion Hosting, then you have a few options. You can:

  • Start a new website with a new domain name
  • Use your old domain name for your website immediately, transferring it to InMotion. If you do this without replacing the domain name, your old website will no longer appear on the web. You would need to let domain propagation complete before using the domain name at your new InMotion Hosting account.
  • Use your old domain name for your website, but wait until the development of your new website is complete before transferring the domain name. You can use a temporary domain name for the development of your BoldGrid website that will need to be changed when you’re ready to go live with your actual domain name.
  • Transfer your old website to InMotion Hosting. If it is a WordPress installation, then you can have BoldGrid installed and use the Staging feature to develop a new website while making the transferred site into the active site. When the development is complete you would be able to replace the website by deploying the Staging site. If the transferred website is not a WordPress site, then you would need to create a separate BoldGrid installation.

As you can see, there are a few different situations that may apply to you. If you have another website that you are hosting in a different location, give the matter some serious consideration in order to provide the best experience for you you and your audience. The following instructions provide a general list if you’re keeping your other website running while you’re developing a new one with BoldGrid.

Steps to take when developing a new BoldGrid site while maintaining your old website on a different host

  1. Contact our sales team and set up an account and request BoldGrid.
  2. Decide if you’re going to transfer your domain name or simply change the name servers. You will need a domain name for your BoldGrid site.
  3. If necessary, plan and then transfer your website media (i.e. your website graphics, video, etc.) in order to bring your website to InMotion Hosting. If you’re not using your existing website media, then you are welcome to create a new site using the media available with BoldGrid.
  4. Develop your BoldGrid site.
  5. When you have finished developing your BoldGrid site, review it then decide on how you’re going to transfer your domain name if you’re not already using it.
  6. Take your old site down and transfer the domain name if necessary. Be aware that transferring a domain name is not always immediate, it may take some time – known as domain propagation.
  7. Deploy your finished BoldGrid website.
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