How to remove BoldGrid

As you learn and design different sites, or your site needs change, you may decide you want to move on from BoldGrid. As BoldGrid is a plugin suite, you can either simply remove the plugins, or remove WordPress entirely. This article will describe how to uninstall BoldGrid from your hosting account.

Removing the BoldGrid Plugin Suite

  1. First, log into your BoldGrid admin dashboard.
  2. Next, click on the Plugins option from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  3. Next, click the Deactivate links for each of the BoldGrid plugins.
  4. Then click on the Delete links for each of the BoldGrid plugins.

If you are wanting to remove both BoldGrid and WordPress together, and have installed WordPress via the Softaculous software installer, see our instructions on how to remove software programs here.

14 thoughts on “How to remove BoldGrid

  1. I just removed BoldGrid because I want to try Elementor.  How do I remove the boldgrid login screen it defaults to when I try to login to /wp-admin?

    1. You need to remove all of the BoldGrid plugins from the plugins screen. Make sure to also reset any caching plugins and the browser cache as well.

    2. We are considering replacing BoldGrid with a different builder/theme but do not want to disrupt our current website while we make the transition. Does removing BoldGrid impact the existing website (built using Bold Grid)?

      Also, we would love to hear from those who have migrated away from BoldGrid. Any recommendations on this process to ensure “smooth” migration to another theme/builder ?

  2. Hi, so I am definitely removing BoldGrid because if limitations of the plugin. I understand that deactivating and removing the associated plugins won’t delete content, but can I lose content and pages if I switch to a different theme? I did this in a different test site and the content wasn’t supported by the new theme and I had to start over from scratch. I just went to make sure this doesn’t happen, or what I may have done wrong unknowingly. Thanks! 

    1. Yes, your Page/Post data will remain, but it may not display correctly depending on the theme you are switching to.

      This means you may have to copy the content into a new page/post with the new theme.

      I recommend backing up your site before proceeding, so you can restore your site if you run into any issues.

      Thank you,

  3. As stated in the Reply above: “Boldgrid is basically a plugin, so you are safe if you want to remove it. It will not affect posts, pages, or other content.”

    I have not been very pleased with BoldGrid and thought I would lose data, images, and formatting if I removed BoldGrid from my WP site. So do I understand correctly that if I remove BoldGrid it will not affect my site in any negative way such as losing data, images and formatting? Thank you.

  4. I have never really been happy with Boldgrid or the site I created using the Boldgrid template. So I recently built a new site usng HTML/CSS and the new site has been up for a while and is running fine.

    I would now like to uninstall Boldgrid AND I also want to delete the site I built with the Boldgrid template. If I uninstall Boldgrid, as per the instructions in this support article, will it automatically delete the Boldgrid site, as well, or will I have to do that manually? I don’t recall ever installing WordPress; I beleive I only installed Boldgrid.

    However, I want to be absolutely certain the Boldgrid deletions won’t somehow delete or in any way negatively impact the HTML/CSS site I built that is already up and running.

    1. BoldGrid cannot exist independently from WordPress, so if you follow the instructions here, it only applies to BoldGrid. It can remove the pages that you created using BoldGrid. If you are not using WordPress for your site, then you will want to uninstall that as well. This can be done through the Softaculous installer tool found in the cPanel.

  5. If I delete BoldGrid, do I still have access to work with WordPress? Or do I need to seperately install WordPress afterwards?

    1. Removing will not affect the WordPress installation in general, it will just remove the Boldgrid site-building tools.

  6.  I Want to remove BoldGrid, but if I Delete or permanently delete is this going to mess up of interfere with my post, pages or menus?

    1. Boldgrid is basically a plugin, so you are safe if you want to remove it. It will not affect posts, pages, or other content.

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