Reuse and Save Blocks with BoldGrid Post and Page Builder

There are a lot of new features with the updated BoldGrid Post and Page Builder. Below we cover how to reuse and save blocks with BoldGrid Post and Page Builder.

Find Recently Used Blocks

The ability to quickly find used blocks can be helpful when needing to duplicate blocks across multiple pages.

  1. Log into BoldGrid.
  2. Create or edit a post or page.
  3. Press + to add a block component.Click Add Block Component
  4. Select Block from the menu.Click Add Block Component
  5. Press Add to Page over a block. It’ll show on the left where you can drag to your preference.Select Add to Page

    Block shows on the left

  6. When you reopen the Block section, select Used Blocks from the drop-down menu to view recently used Used Blocks

Save Blocks

Saving blocks makes them easier to find for future use. You can save blocks within the Add Block Component section and visual editor.

Save Blocks from Block Listing

  1. While editing a post or page, add a block component.
  2. With the Block listing open, select the icon on the lower-right corner of a the heart icon on the block
  3. Name the block and press Save. You’ll be notified the block has been block to save

    block saved

Save Blocks from Visual Editor

  1. Select the Edit Section button at the edit section button
  2. Select Save Block from the save block
  3. Name your new custom block and press Save. You’ll be notified the block has been block to save

    block saved

You can view saved blocks from the Block Library under Post and Page Builder or the Block listing section under Block Library in the drop-down menu.

block library

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