Request a Website Transfer in AMP

After signing up for one of our hosting accounts, you may now need to get your site moved from your old host over to our servers. Don’t panic! We can get that done for you. We just need a bit of information from you and we can get started. Below is a guide on how to complete our Website Transfer Request.

Website transfers consisting of 3 or fewer cPanel accounts, databases, and/or websites are FREE*. Accounts wishing to transfer more than 3 accounts, databases, and/or websites will be charged $10 for each additional item to be transferred. Website transfers are considered on a case-by-case basis. They vary depending on the size of your site, complexity of programming, and the platform/OS of your previous host. We will need the following information pertaining to your previous host. We then review your site and determine whether we will be able to move it for you, and as well as any costs involved. If you want to transfer your website on your own, you will want to read our articles on How to migrate your website FROM another host TO InMotion Hosting and Perform your own website transfer.

*Please note! We take care to ensure that your site will be as fully operational as possible on our servers. We are, however, unable to provide technical support for programming matters, in-depth configuration and dependencies of your site, or other issues that are not directly server-related. For websites over 5G in size, sufficient SSH access must be provided to your old server. Your site transfer may be subject to additional terms, such as pricing, time frame, and scope of configuration.

While we do try to complete all site move requests in a timely manner, unfortunately due to the amount of move requests we receive each day there can be up to 14 days to complete.

Additionally, emails can only be transferred from a cPanel to cPanel transfer.

The following article will explain to you the general process for having your Website transferred by InMotion Hosting staff.

What to do before the transfer

Setting your website to Maintenance mode

Before you have your website transferred to InMotion Hosting, you will want to communicate with our tech support staff about the best time to have your files and databases transferred. In some cases the transfer may take days. We understand you cannot have your site in maintenance mode for days, so, you will want to coordinate with tech support to make sure your data is not lost in the transfer. You will want to set your site to maintenance or under construction mode during the transfer process. The reason for setting your site to maintenance mode is to prevent data loss during the file transfer. While your website is in Maintenance Mode, no new content, database entries, shopping cart purchases and so forth will not occur during the transfer.

How to request a website transfer

  1. Log into your Account Management Panel (AMP).
  2. Click on the Website Transfer Request.

  3. This brings you to a screen to enter your account information from the other host.

    Old Host This is the name of your old hosting company. If it is not in the list, click on the Other option and then enter the name in the additional field that appears.
    Hostname This is typically the servername or IP address of the former hosting server.
    Old Host Username This is the username you used to log into your hosting account on the former host.
    Old Host Password This is the password for the hosting account on the former host.
    Number of Databases The number of databases you are going to transfer over to us.
    Number of Sites The number of sites you are going to transfer to us.
    Additional information This is a text area where you need to enter any special instructions we may need to complete the transfer.
    Priority Website Transfer If you need to have expedited service, you can do so for an additional fee. It defaults to the regular transfer, which has no additional fee.
  4. Once you have entered all the data, click the Continue button.
  5. This page will present all the data you entered for confirmation. If you find a mistake, simply use your browser’s Back button to go back and change it. At the bottom you will see a section for you to select which credit card you want to place the charge against.

    Once confirmed, be sure you check the price approval checkbox at the bottom. You will not be able to continue until this is done. After that, click on the Submit Website Transfer Request button.

You will now be presented with the confirmation screen. Your website transfer request is now in the appropriate queue and will be worked by our Support Technicians in the order it was received. You will receive an email from our Support team when the transfer is complete.

How to Check Website Transfer Status

Check for WTR status in AMP

Website Transfer Status can be determined by logging into your Account Management Panel (AMP). Simply click on the Billing Menu and then look in the far right corner for the status of your transfer.

When the Website Transfer is completed

Testing your site with a Hosts file mod

You can test your web pages using a hosts file modification on your computer, to make the DNS requests for domains go to a specified IP address. By using the Hosts file modification, you can fake your local computer to go to your website allowing you to see a live view without allowing access to the site on the web.

Pointing your Nameservers

Once you see your website working on a hosts file modification, you can point your domain to InMotion Hosting nameservers. Below are our nameserver hostnames and IP addresses.

InMotion Hosting’s Nameservers
IP Address

When you make changes to your DNS, Please allow up to 24 hours for propagation after making the change.

Speeding up your DNS propagation

To speed up DNS propagation, you can change the DNS A record for your domain (at the old host nameservers) to have the new IP address for your website here. The TTL (Time To Live) value on DNS A records is typically 14400 (4 hours), which is quicker than the TTL on nameserver records typically 86400 (1 day).

Thoughts on “Request a Website Transfer in AMP

  • I have client who is registered through GoDaddy, and need to point their website to inmotion.  They use an external email, I believe it is google.  When I update the GoDaddy nameserver with inmotion’s nameserver will this affect the email.  I only want the website pointed and do not want to change any other informaiton in their record.

    • Changing the name servers will mean that you’re moving the DNS over to InMotion, so by default any custom A record that you had pointing to Google will be removed. You can easily access the DNS editor in cPanel once your change takes effect and then change the MX records to point to Google. You can also work with our live technical support staff via email/chat/phone to get it changed if you require assistance.

  • Hello,

    I have an existing site hosted by another company and I currently have a site hosted here. I would like to have both sites under the same unbrella. Is this the correct form to use?



  • I am new to Inmotion. I need your assistance in migrating the website from Godaddy. Please transfer it as soon as possible. 

    • To get your website transferred you will need to submit a website transfer request per the guide above. If you need assistance submitting the request you can reach out to technical support who will be able to walk you through it. They can be reached by using the chat icon at the top of this page, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-321-4678.

  • This information would be very helpful if explicitly stated in the instructions. I couldn’t get past this point with a transfer request.

    Previous post——

    Hi … While filling in the Website Transfer form under “Old Host Username” and “Old Host Password” – please clarify if you want the cpanel username/ password combination?

    Hostgator (my old host) has a billing/ admin portal … I’m guessing that is not what you’re looking for the username/ password to.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hello Anand,

      Sorry for any issues with your website transfer. If you’re having problems with the transfer, then you need to reply to the email from the transfer team. We do not have any access to your transfer and cannot make any changes to it from the support center. A website transfer from one host to another will require access to the previous account. We need to be able to access your old files in order to move them to our server. That is the access that we require in order to make this transfer for you. Please provide any further information to the Web Transfer team and they will be happy to assist.

  • AMP doesn’t have a “Website Transfer Request” option. It has a “Launch Assist / Website Transfers” option, but all that does is pop up some text that says:


    Your new VPS-2000HA-S purchase includes 2 FREE hours of Launch Assist redeemable through our Managed Hosting Team! 

        This time can be used in a number of different ways.

        To learn about what can be done for you please email [email protected]

        or call us directly at 888-321-4678 option 7 from the main menu.


    Thus, there is no way to request a transfer.

    • The Launch assist option is listed instead because your plan includes free credits available for our premium Launch Assist service. This can be utilized for configuring your server for launch, Site Optimization, and site Transfers among other things.

      If you do not want to use this to perform the website transfer, I recommend contacting Live Support so they can help you initiate the transfer.

      Thank you,

  • Initially we discussed migration by Inmotion Hosting of our current WHM set up from the old hosting service as it has been hardened and ready for use with current sites. This was confirmed by your support staff prior to purchasing the account.

    We do NOT want to migrate any client accounts until the server is set up and checked in WHM first.

    How do we proceed with getting this copy transfer completed so we can check WHM and commence migrating the accounts from old host etc. Note this is to copy WHM set up – not migrate any accounts.

    • I was unable to locate documentation from cPanel’s website that would provide a solution to transfer the WHM configuration with out restoring the child accounts. However, if there was a previous discussion of this kind of transfer that our Support would be able to offer you, generally, our Website Transfer Support Team would be providing their services. I recommend submitting your Website Transfer Request with those details included. A member of the Website Transfer Team would be able to further assist you in advising of the limitations for their services or any costs involved in implementing a solution using their services.

      Depending on the kind of account you have, you may also be able to contact our Managed Hosting Team, to receive a free consultation from them, to inquire about a solution and quote on the services they provide to assist with your particular request. Those are the two departments that will have the ability to advise a course of action and their available services to better assist you.

      Personally, I am familiar with the cPanel files involved in WHM’s Backup System Configuration. I believe transferring that system configuration ONLY backup would work, however the ability to restore that file would depend on the type of account you have. Due to the limitations on some servers, that functionality may not be available, which is why I recommend you contact either of those departments (via the methods advised above) for an appropriate solution.

  • Hi … While filling in the Website Transfer form under “Old Host Username” and “Old Host Password” – please clarify if you want the cpanel username/ password combination?

    Hostgator (my old host) has a billing/ admin portal … I’m guessing that is not what you’re looking for the username/ password to.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hello Anand,

      This can vary on different hosts. If you’re using a cPanel interface, then the username/password for your cPanel is okay. The transfer needs to be able to get to your files so that they can perform the transfer.

  • Just to clarify, this is to transfer the website only, right? As my domain is hosted somewhere else and I am just going to let it remain there.


  • I currently have a site on InMotion Hosting which is a subdomain. I’ve purchased new hosting for the site so it can be it’s own primary domain. How do I transfer the site? I’ve contacted support, viewed this video and still have no idea how to do this. Shouldn’t it be simpler since it’s already on InMotion Hosting? 

    • The fastest way would be to copy the files down to your own computer and then upload them up to the new account.

  • Hello, We are moving our site over and actually use gmail and don”t use our server email. do we still need to transfer over or can we set up a new one with inmotion?

  • I have recently signed up with IM. Prior to signing up we were using email hosting services of Zoho which is still on. On finding out that we cannot be hosting our emails on two different servers belonging to different providers, we will now need to transfer our emails (all content and all addresses) to IM. Can you please tell me the steps to follow so this can be achieved with minimum disruption and downtime. Remember this is not a website transfer but just email transfer. Thanks.


    • Hello Vivek

      The steps for moving email from an old host to InMotion are summarized in this tutorial. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

  • I now see that it might be as much as 14 days (prior literature said 1-4 days). Since I don’t know when IM will transfer my site, I have to assume that I should not be making any changes during this time, otherwise, I might be at risk for losing these changes? 

    I assume they won’t be giving me a heads up when they are about to start? 14 days is a long time to not publish any new posts or make other changes.

    I guess I can keep a log of my changes, and then verify after the transfer is complete.

    Can you please verify my assumptions?


    • Hello Mike,

      Thank you for contacting us. I definitely understand your frustration. You will receive an email when your website migration begins, and completes. If you have posts made after/during the migration that aren’t showing, you may have to contact Live support so they can rsync the missing files.

      To expedite the process (if your old host uses cPanel), you can request a backup from them. Then upload it to our servers, and submit a restoration request. This will allow us to restore the cPanel from your old host in a more timely manner.

      Thank you,

  • Showing my continued ignorance here … a little confused about your Website Transfer Request form. In some ways it sounds like you want all the individual websites listed on one form. However, I have a Reseller account at HG and all the sites have different login information. Do you want the Web Host Manager credentials? Or should each site have an individual transfer request? Sorry to be so dense…

    • Hello Linda,

      Those moving a number of cPanels such as resellers, need to go through Managed Hosting in order to properly have them moved over. If you are on a 3000S plan, then there is free Launch Assist time included, which is a $99 value. This is paid time for Managed Hosting to help get sites transferred.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  • I will be requesting that you transfer a number of websites to InMotion from Hostgator. Should I set up the accounts in Web Host Manager first? Thank you.

    • Hello Linda,

      No you do not need to make the accounts as when we restore the cPanel accounts it will create them automatically.

      Best Regards,
      TJ Edens

  • I understand that the same email accounts need to be created on my inmotion server. What about passwords for each email account created. Do they need to be the same as the passwords on the old email accounts from which I’m transferring from?





    • Hello Brian,

      While you can certainly create the same passwords, they are not required to be the same for a transfer. Just ensure each email account owner has the new password if you change it.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  • looking to do a web site transfer TO inmotion and have read this help guide which is very clear.  thanks for that.  My follow up quesiton though is about email for the domain and web site being transfered to my hosting with you.  Not being a techie guru like you all, what would be my next steps to make sure emails for that site don’t get interupted?  Do I need to use the Cpanel and then into some email area to re-create all the email accounts again?  Is there a help guide link for doing so?  Thanks Again Dave

    • Hello Dave,

      Yes, prior to switching the DNS to point to us, you will want to enter the cPanel and recreate all the email accounts. This way there will be no interruption as the DNS switches to point to us. Be sure to check the old AND the new servers for emails for 24 hours after making the DNS changes to ensure you get all the emails. DNS servers around the world will not all update at once, so they could still send email to the old server until updated.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  • Hi Sir

    i urgently need assistance current i have 2 servers on your AMP 

    ******5 and 8 


    i will like to use only 1 server and unsubscribe the other 


    and of course might look into server upgrades too can i get assistance asap?

    • Hello Spencer,

      Thank you for your question on merging AMPs. This is a service that our Live Support team can provide for you. You will need to be prepared to verify both accounts in order to have them merged into a single one.

      Or, if you are simply wanting two hosting accounts to be merged together, they can perform that for you as well.

      Let us know if you have any further questions.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

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