Using The Bridge with InMotion Central

Learn How to Use The Bridge With InMotion Central

The Bridge is the main landing page for your InMotion Central projects and the only way to access the primary menu for managing your websites and environments. This guide will explain what tools are included in The Bridge and how to use it to build and manage your website.

How To Access The Bridge

  1. Login to InMotion Central.
  2. Roll your mouse over the project you want to open and click The Bridge button.
    Accessing The Bridge

How to Use The Bridge

Since The Bridge is the primary access point to the website management menu, most of your tasks for your project will be accomplished here. After selecting The Bridge for your project, you will then be able to select and use the included tools. We’ll now go over the tools available in The Bridge and provide links to our full guides on how to use them.

The Bridge

This is the main page for The Bridge and you can find information such as the name of your project, owner, URL, a link for publishing a staging site, a to-do list of important tasks for your site, available updates, and theme/plugin information.

Project Settings

This is where you can find out more information about a project, change details (such as the name/description), delete projects, or manage environments.


The Preview tool provides a place where you can quickly see how your site will display on a desktop or mobile browser. You can navigate within the preview window to fully test how users will experience your website.

Plugins & Themes

You can use this section to access tools for managing your plugins and themes. Save time and quickly install, uninstall, and update your plugins and themes right from InMotion Central.


This is where you can manage your Connect Key or purchase addons such as Total Upkeep Premium, Playground Environments, and Crio Premium SuperTheme.


In this section, you can improve your website’s page speed with the W3 Total Cache plugin and optimize your site for search engines with BoldGrid SEO plugin.


From here you can review site health recommendations for security and performance and manage website backups using the Total Upkeep plugin.


The tools here help you quickly copy a website from one environment to another, manage website files, and access or edit databases.

WP Admin

There may be times when you want to make changes directly in your WordPress Dashboard, such as when you want to create a new page or post. WP Admin is the last link on the menu and clicking it will automatically take you to the Admin Dashboard for your WordPress site and you will be logged in as an Administrator role. From there you have full access to manage your WordPress site.

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