Publishing Your Website with InMotion Central

Learn How to Publish Your Website With InMotion Central

When you are finished testing a website, you can easily publish it to a new server environment with just a couple clicks. Simply open your project and click the Publish button from your dashboard. This guide will walk you through publishing your WordPress site to a new server with InMotion Central.

Publish Your Site to High-Performance VPS

  1. Login to InMotion Central.
  2. Roll your mouse over the project you want to make live and click The Bridge button.
    Accessing The Bridge
  3. If you have multiple environments, you may have to click the Environment link to choose the one you want to publish.
    Selecting Project Environment
  4. On the next page, click the Publish button.
    Publishing Your WordPress Site to a Server
  5. On the Publish Site page, click the Get Started button under Cloud WordPress.
    Start Publishing a WordPress Site With InMotion Central
  6. You can then choose the best server for the site by moving the slider between Budget Friendly and Excellent Performance. The price will automatically adjust and list the monthly or yearly price for you. After choosing your server level, click the Next button.

    Note: If you already purchased hosting, and this is the first site you are publishing, you will not see this step.
    Selecting the Performance Level For Your Site
  7. On the next page you can select your Payment Method and Renewal Period. Check the box to agree with the terms of service, then click the Submit Order button.
  8. Your credit card will then be processed, then click the Publish button. You will then see a message stating that the publishing has started.
    Begin Publishing a Site to a New Server
  9. Click the View Status button to go to the Project Settings page and monitor the progress.
    Viewing the Status of a Published Site
  10. Once the publishing is completed, you will see a message stating “We’ve created a username and password for you. Please store these credentials in a safe place now. You will not be able to access them again.” Click the Show button.
    Show Password and Username in InMotion Central
  11. You will then see your username and password. Click the button next to them if you want to copy them to your clipboard.
    Viewing WordPress Username and Password

Updating Your Site URL

After publishing your site to a server successfully, the final step is updating your site URL.

  1. Roll your mouse over the project you are working on and click The Bridge button.
  2. If you have multiple environments, you may have to click the Environment link to choose the one that you published.
  3. Then click the Project Settings link on the top of the page.
    Accessing Project Settings in InMotion Central
  4. Click the Add Domain button in the Publishing Status section.
    Adding a Domain When Publishing a Site With InMotion Central
  5. You can then select a domain from the drop-down menu.
    Selecting a Domain With InMotion Central
  6. Click the Continue button.
  7. You will then have the option to create a Subdomain or click Continue Without Subdomain.
  8. Finally, click the Apply Site URL button.
    Applying Site URL With InMotion Central

    You are finished when you see a message stating “Your site is live!”
    Your Site Has Been Published Successfully With InMotion Central

Congratulations, now you know how to publish your site to a server with InMotion Central. We recommend our guide on Managing Your Server with InMotion Central.

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