How to Manage Forms in weForms

When you create a form using weForms, you will discover that some amount of management will be required. Management tasks include editing/updating forms, creating new forms, deleting forms, and duplicating forms.

The general format used for managing entries in WordPress is a table but this article will give you an example of the management page and describe how each function can be accessed to perform your management tasks.

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weForms Management Page

  1. Add Form – Click on this button in order to create new form. Each created form is automatically saved.
  2. Delete Forms – The main bulk action that you can take is to delete forms. To use this option, select the forms you wish to delete, click on the drop-down menu to select Delete Forms, then click on Apply.
  3. Form options – If you hover over the form name a pop-up menu will appear. The menu options include Edit, Delete, and Duplicate. To perform these actions, simply hover over the form name and click on the menu option you wish to use. A duplicated form will keep the same name but have a different ID #.
  4. Shortcode – weForms uses shortcodes in order to be added to a post or page. To the right of each form name is the shortcode that you would use to display your form.

Congratulations! You are now familiar with the weForms management page. To learn more about weForms, please see the weForms Product Guide.

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