How to Create Subtitle Files

Date: 09/20/2019 2 Minutes to Read In this article: Create a Subtitle File Tips Popular Software Web accessibility deserves more attention. This is why we cover important tasks like testing website accessibility with and improving WordPress accessibility. It takes more time but the effort benefits blind, deaf, and other disabled users who may want Read More >

Free Video Editors

Below are some free video editors for creating and editing videos and screencasts. Blender Blender is primarily a video editor but includes audio editing functions as well. Blender is an all-in-one multimedia editor for the screencast creator. Download at for Windows, Mac, and Linux. kdenlive kdenlive is an in-depth video editor with plenty effects, Read More >

Test Podcast Feeds With Cast Feed Validator

It’s important to ensure your podcasts work with platforms such as iTunes and Below we cover validating your podcast feed with Cast Feed Validator. Validate Feed Visit Type your podcast feed URL and press Validate Your Feed! You’ll see all information for the podcast feed – e.g. image size, description, and validation issues. Read More >

Free Audio Editors

Below are some free audio editors for creating and editing podcasts and screencasts. See more audio editors at Ardour Ardour is a digital audio workstation (DAW) able to record and edit multiple audio tracks, import videos, and create full compositions. It’s mixer layout and extensive features makes it easier to add and automate background Read More >

Free Screencasting Tools

Below are some screencasting tools you can use to record video screencasts before finalizing with a video editor. Consider Dedicated Hosting for additional server resources and storage. Simple Screen Recorder Simple Screen Recorder for Linux offers in-depth video and audio recording options, preset storage, and previews. Kazam Kazam for Linux includes only the basic features Read More >